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DBS happened. The end.

Powers & Stats

Name: Son Goku

Tier: -1

Gender: All

Age: Wall Level

Classification: God, Omni

Powers and abilities: All, except being a good character

Attack Potency: Irrelevant+ (10,000 Goku's can defeat EGD) Beyond True Infinity with prep and transformations (Killed TOAA and the Primal Monitor both at once in SSJ55865865586589685688) - Raped Zen-o in SSJGSSJ4 KKX100 form

Speed: Immeasurable (Quick enough to outrun outliers with ease even in SSJ-1)

Lifting Strength: Inapplicable (Not much feats to suggest he is strong, but due to him being Goku we have to ignore this weakness)

Striking Strength: Immeasurable (Obviously translates to AP kek, see AP)

Durability: High Hyperversal, Beyond True Infinity with prep and transformations (All those things suggesting he is a glass cannon have to be ignored, because he is Goku; see AP)

Stamina: Beyond Infinity (Can fight multiple omnis at once without a sweat)

Range: Beyond Infinite due to being Goku

Standard Equipment: A stick, a cloud that is only Mach 1 that is faster than him, senzoo beens

Intelligence: Infinite (Nothing suggests he is a genius, yet is Goku so is infinite)

Weaknesses: His quality, him losing to Superman via quality, fanbase

Notable attacks and techniques 

laser beams





multiple forms

ability to destroy the whole entire multiverse in the blink of the eye, but he doesn't due to the plot

plot armor prevents him from dying


Notable Victories:

Nero (Game Legends)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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