(I swear I'm going to drown in the flame that I will receive from this page. If that's even possible.)

Praise Lord Gaben.

The Glorious PC Master Race tower over all Gaming devices apart from their own. You think your Console is the ultimate gaming device? YOUR MISTAKE SHALL COST YOU YOUR LIFE AT THE HANDS OF THE GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE!

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1080-P | High -1 | PC>>>>>Console tier.

Name: The Glorious PC Master Race.

Origin: The Personal Computer's invention date.

Gender: Irrelevant

Age: Irrelevant

Classification: Better Than Consoles.

Powers and Abilities: Console Peasant Extermination, Smooth Gameplay, Steam, Multimoniter ability, HD Textures, Mods, Ultra Settings, Mouse Accuracy, 1080p, 60+ FPS, Exclusive accessibility, Lord Gaben, immortality (type 8).

Attack Potency: Flame War winnability+

Speed: Omnipresent on the Internet+

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant.

Striking Strength: Consoles Are Potatoes-Insult+

Durability: PC Reliability+

Stamina: Hard=drive capability+

Range: Onipresent On the Internet+ | Notifications

Standard Equipment: Highly Expensive Gaming Console; At least $2500+

Intelligence: Computer Tech Specs Geekiness+ 

Weaknesses: Nothing w/ Lord Gaben (except for exclusive releases).


The Glorious Perks of PC.


Notable Victories:

Console Peasants.


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