Fuckonami by marksmxtv-d95m9s7


Fuckonami is the worst gayming company in existence, they make EA look like saints, thinks mobile gayming is the future and never respect their creative developers, Kojima especially.

Powers and failures

Tier: Below Yamcha at half of his power

Name: Worst company to ever exist

Origin: Kojima's metal gear

Gender: None

Age: Don't know but their dead me...

Classification: Company that fucked up big time

Powers and Abilities: Failing at not fucking up, Thinking mobile gayming and Pachinko is the future, Deleting all the fan made works and games, Turning all the beloved franchises into shitty Packinko's

Attack Potency: Ban you from the game awards+

Speed: Below stationary

Lifting Strength: Below air 

Striking Strength: Striking your wallets for horse armor

Durability: Spineless

Stamina: Most of them are probably fat ageing men in their late 60's

Range: Rush out a game before it's finished

Standard Equipment: Money, arcade machines, Pachinko machines, Metal Gear 6 on IOS/Android

Intelligence: Fucking delusional

Weaknesses: Jim Sterling, people with half a brain, Kojima

Notable Loss's:

Everyone's respect

Jim Sterling

Metal Gear


Silent Hill


The gaming verse


Yamcha (Weakling)

Justin Bieber

Luigi (Screwattack)