Long ago, Human and monsters fought and the humans won. Well except for this fodder human. That's pretty much it, End of story

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A (Can contend with Asriel who only has 6 souls of average humans and souls of measly 2-D monsters.)

Frisk after using the telescope.

Got hurt just by using a telescope

Name: It's Frisk.

Origin: Undertale

Gender: Frisk has no gender. Unless it's tumblr. (Or Toby, he considers him male.)

Age: 8

Classifcation: Human, Fodder Human, 3rd Dimensional Peasant, Smol helpless child 2.0 next to Isaac, Brock from pokemon's son, All Hug and No Fight

Powers and Abilities: None

Attack Potency: Athlete Level to High Stick Level+

Speed: Slow Paced RPG+

Lifting Strength: Above Average (Can lift a handful of food and weapons)

Striking Strength: Nah.

Durability: Below human

Stamina: Probably not much.

Range: Average Human

Standard Equipment: A stick, glove, ballet shoes, book, frying pan, gun and dagger. All which are basic, fodder weapons. (Why would frisk use a gun anyway?)

Intelligence: Good at dodging bullets but can't win against the first boss of touhou no matter what difficulty because it's harder then undertale anyway, What did you except?

Weaknesses: Things that hurt any species, Weaknesses of a human child

Notable Attacks/Techinques: Flirting, fleeing and Hugging (And not much else.)


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

I can list a few people.

Inconclusive Matches:

All of Frisk's (supposed to be) victories.

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