Filthy Frank

It's Filthy Frank Mother Fucker! It's Filthy Frank !

Tier: Infinitely Memetic+

Name: Filthy Frank, Papa Franku

Origin: YouTube

Gender: Presumably Male

Age: 52

Classification: Presumably Human, One of the Three Meme Lords

Powers and Abilities: Massively Omnipresence+, Internet Manipulation and Meme Manipulation, Immunity to Internet Manipulation and Meme Manipulation, High level Meme Manipulation, Immortality (type 8), Master of culinary arts.

Attack Potency: At least Large Building Level+ possibly, Multi Solar System level+ in restricted form (One shot multiple Hatsune Mikus. Then again anime is utter fucking shit in the Chromoverse [even more so then it is IRL] so this actually may not be that impressive) | Omniversal+ to Infinite-Memetic+ in true form (One of, if not the most, powerful beings that reside within the Internet. One of his battles with iDubbbz nearly destroyed all of Internet reality. Fought and defeated an enraged HowToBasic. Frank is also know for creating and destroying memes)

SpeedAt least High Hypersonic+ possibly Massively faster than light+ in restricted form (Casually blitzed Hatsune Miku even while sitting in an awkward position which showed his sweet booty) | Massively Omnipresent+ in true form

Lifting Strength: Inapplicable

Striking Strength: Infinite-Internet+

DurabilityAt least Large Building level, possibly Multi Solar System level in restricted form (Hatsune's god awful music [which sounds like DKR Bane on helium getting deep throated by a Transformer by the way] failed to faze him, Infinite-Internet+ in true form

Stamina: Limitless+ (Once carried the entire Internet without tiring)

Range: The entire Internet

Standard Equipment: His dirty shirt, His glasses, Ravioli, A gigantic clock (to let weeaboos, furries and and cringey Minecraft kids know when it is time to stop)

Frank's PhD- Frank's PhD helps him to fight against the most ridiculous of enemies. From the insane wank of fanboys onto their favorite fictional character. To the most overpowered OC created(usually) by a fan with little to no imagination and simply wants their character to be the strongest. His PhD makes him immune to these characters and even causes them to become weak to Papa's attacks.

Intelligence: Omniscient+ (Has a PhD in severe Internet ation. And we all know the stupidity of the Internet has no limits, so this feat easily gives infinite KNAWLIGE)  

Weaknesses: Weeaboos

Joji Miller (It is implied that Frank fears Joji even more than he does Chin Chin as he wanted Pink Guy to warn Chin Chin of Joji's arrival)

Note: Anything born of the Internet is inherently weak to the power of the Meme Lords.


Notable Victories:

Weeaboo Jones

Naruto Uzumaki (Wanked) (His PhD served him well in this battle allowing him to overcome Fairytaildragonslayer's fact sheets)

HowToBasic ( Fought an defeated HowToBasic while he was enraged).

Chocolate man (Saved the omniverse from the evil chocolate man)

Notable Losses:

Chin Chin (Frank hasn't dared even think of opposing him ever since he destroyed most of the Chromoverse and whooped Franky boy's little ass)

Prometheus (Threw an entire anime studio [AKA a trash can] at Frank.)


Filthy Frank Anime Opening 2

Filthy Frank Anime Opening 2

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