Feels Triple H


Have you ever felt sad? I know i have. So has Triple H. We all feel. With such a face of sadness, disappointment.....he stares ever so feely....

Powers and Stats

Tier: Feels Tier H

Name: Feels Triple H

Origin: WWE Raw (2002 Video Game)

Gender: Male

Age: 32 (Triple H was born July 27, 1969, the game was first released for the XBOX on February 11, 2002)

Classification: Human/Pro Wrestler/Feels Wrestler

Powers and Abilities: Feels Inducement, Disapproving/Sad Stare, Super Strength

Attack Potency: WWE Level

Speed: Unfeelable

Lifting Strength: The entire weight of his feels

Striking Strength: Class Feels

Durability: Cold Hard Feels Level

Stamina: Unlimited

Range: Hyperversal Range with strikes, Truly Boundless with his feels

Standard Equipment: Water Bottle, Feelshammer(Sledgehammer)

Intelligence: Genius (He is the Cerebral Feelssasin, and ponders in his feels)

Weaknesses: None (Transcends conventional game weaknesses like cheat devices and turning off the system)


  • Freaked the unholy crap out of LionsEdge
LionsEdge Feels Triple H Gif By Skodwarde The Almighty


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • The Pedifeels: Triple H delivers a devastating feels empowered Pedigree which has the power of all feels in existence
  • Feelshammer Shot: Triple H uses his feelshammer to drive the feels straight into his opposition.
  • Feels Stare: Triple H blankly stares into the foe, either freaking them out or making them feel.



Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

  • LionsEdge (LionsEdge was unable to feel, so the jury is out)