Featherface Uglyustus Aurora (フェザリーヌ・アウグストゥス・アウローラ) The true form of Aids, and the Witch of the Theater. She is said to have been the Gey Master for countless other games in the past, though she has long-forgotten them due to brain damage. She possesses a crescent-shaped device which floats around her head which helps to maintain the autism. Certain aspects of her appearance, particularly her dress and memory aid, vaguely resemble the clothes and horns possessed by Hanyū from Higuradropt no Naku Koro ni. When roughly translated, the two kanji that make up Hanyū's name (羽入) translate to "feather" (羽 hane) and "shit" (入 iri) which, when put together, more or less make up her first name "Feathershit"

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Key : Base | On LifeSupport | Max

Tier: Unknown | Shit C | At least Shit C

Name: Featherbed L'gustus

Origin: Higuradropt

Gender: IDK it might be a grill

Age: Old

Powers and Abilities: Featless | Feather level with prep time ( via power scaling )

Attack Potency: It wasn't very effective

Speed: Immobile

Lifting Strength:  Incapable | Almost Pillow level with help | Nigh Pencil Level ( enough to write her fanfic scripts )

Striking Strength: Incapable

Durability: Inapplicable

Stamina: Nonexistent

Range: Almost 2mm give or take 2mm

Standard Equipment: Too dangerous to operate

Intelligence: Nonexistent | Minuscule | Capable of simple speech ( limited )  

Weaknesses: Unquantifiable | Too may to list

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Insufficient feats

Notable Victories:


Notable Losses:


Rice Paper


Any significant amount of water 


 Basic brain functions 

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