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Dragon Ball is a long running manga/anime franchise that is highly notable for being one of the most iconic of the bunch (well Z, at least). The series consists of Dragon Ball, Z, GT, & Super. It also consists of various characters that are memetic heroes, purely controversial, wanked to oblivion, lowballed like a weak free throw, badly animated, etcetera....

Note: This verse is for joke profiles relating to the series. More serious profiles go here.

Power of the Verse

Hoo boy does it vary wildly! Some characters are memetic powerhouses, (Most notably the creations of Team Four Star) some are fanboyed and wanked over to no end or just plain jacked up to oblivion leading to them becoming broken godmods of this wiki, (Brolypotence being a good example of the former, Exaggerated Goku a great example of the latter) others are lowballed out of pure spite/hatred/ignorance, (Rocks and minion lasers ahoy!) while others are just plain ridiculous and do not make much logical sense or plain sense at all.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse


  • Android Seventeen
  • Professor Voodoo (Now if the fanbase would stop making him second guess this decision)
  • CaptainFalcon64 (It needs more hax)
  • Ryukama
  • Ikereviews
  • ThePerpetual
  • SoyHop (Needs more Super Forms)
  • TISSG7Redgrave (Needs more Power :P)
  • Elvis Adika (Need more higher tiers Characters :P)
  • TheArcosian (No one beats my Nipplepotence Creation)
  • Alexcar3000 (C'mon DBSuper, when Tier 2?)
  • Xali990 (#VoteVegetaForMainCharacter#MakeDragonBallGreatAgain)
  • Roun12 (HAX. MODS. HACKING MODDERS AND MODDING HACKERS. I just want more Hax Toriyama-Senpai.)
  • Pokémon Trainer Jacob (Piccolo needs a massive Power-Up and I'm hoping for SSB Future Trunks)
  • Master Xar ( CMON Tier 2 and possibly Tier 1, maybe, possibly Dragonnutz Plz)
  • Paleomario66 (Multiple characters, especially Goten and Trunks, need some more spotlight)
  • TheLuffyPlayer (Needs more, ah, i don't know, it needs something, but i don't know what =P)



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