Dot THE black hole master


An artists render of dot as anyone who sees him instantly dies.


A very long time ago an ancient, and now very dead author, wrote a book that was better than anything anyone had ever seen before. The book itself was quite unimportant but the last sentence on page 133 ended with a very special period(or full stop if your British). This period was so powerful he willed himself into existence and into the 3rd dimension.


Dot is known universally as the black hole master. Able to control both reality and time there is nothing that he cannot overcome. He onetime got into a fight with some kid playing cod and created the entire multiverse.

Powers and abilities

Tier: ∞

Name: Dot

Age: Unknown

Classification: 0th dimensional being

Origin: Himself

Gender: N/A referenced as male

Powers and abilities: The turple nurple, Phase shifting, Ability scan, foresight, teleportation, wormhole control, black hole control, complete control of dimensions(every universe in every multiverse), duplicate himself, multiverse zipping, reflection, and finally reality warp. 

Attack potency: 1 Hit KO

Speed: 15 billion Turple units/Hr

Durability: Is able to heal at double the rate of the attack

Lifting Strength: No physically attached arms/legs

Standard equipment: Pen ink

Weakness: Anything that is faster than him(if its possible. see ability scan), Omnidimensional backspace

Intelligence: Is the essence of intelligence

Range: Infinite

Stamina: Created the word

Abilities explanation.