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Powers and Stats

Tier:10-A in earth avatar 9-C in super trump form 8-A in hockey trump 7-B in smash bros trump 6-C in kyubbi trump 5-A in ssj trump 4-B in omninetal form 3-A in galactic form 2-A in the trump beyond the universe 1-A in godly mode 0 in the trump above all memetic in meme form any tier with scaling


Origin:real life




Powers and Abilities:flight regeneration immortality in higher forms soul manipulation air manipulation fire user ice user thunder user sound manipulation omnipotentce dimensional spacing able to break time itself omniscience able to build a wall omnipresence reality warper able to make memes and be a meme

Attack Potency:10-A to memetic via scaling trump can be scaled to any real life profile from the real world as he is from the world. In meme trump form he was able to damage sanic

Speed:10-A to memetic he was able to out speed many memes like malleo weegee MLG Kirby and shadew

Lifting Strength:human level to memetic level via scaling

Striking Strength:10-A to memetic via scaling able to fight other memes in meme form

Durability:10-A to memetic via scaling can take hits from other memes

Stamina:10-A to memetic via scaling

Range:melee to meters to memetic range

Standard Equipment:it depends on situation

Intelligence:low to high depending on form 

Weaknesses:human weaknesses to none in meme form

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Trump blaster

Wall build

Money attack

Trump ultimate memetic blast


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