When 100,000,000,000 Dan Hibiki's fuse together, they create a Voltron-like superform. It's basically Voltron but waaaaay stronger and is made of Dan's.

Powers and stats

Teir: At least large planet (is far stronger then the real Voltron) | Galaxy level (can beat the shit out of wanked Akuma) | Multiversal + (When in Doltron Prime form)

Name: Dan Hibiki | Doltron | more or less god

Origin: The DBFW (as an inside joke)

Gender: Dansexual

Age: around 20

Classifacation: Giant Dan Hibiki fusion thingy

Powers and abilities: Loads of Dans

Attack potency: Large planet level (is far stronger then normal Voltron) | Multi-Galaxy level (beat up Wanked Akuma) | Multiversal + (Doltron Prime can punch holes in the space-time continuum)

Speed: Meh (Even in Doltron Prime form is slow AF on foot) | Multi-FTL (with Jet-pack)

Lifting Strength: Multi-Galaxy (Lifted an entire Galaxy)

Striking Strengh: Multi-Galaxy (can hurt Wanked Akuma) | Multiversal + (as Doltron Prime)

Durability: Multiversal + (tanked hits from Wanked Akuma's Raging Demon form)

Stamina: Near limitless

Range: Large Planet level | Multi-Galaxy level | Multiversal + level

Standard Equipment: 100,000,000,000 Dan Hibiki's, lasers, the Sword of Hibiki, jet-pack, the universes largest Gadoken, the Ultimate Multiverse killer (in Doltron Prime form)

Intelligence: Has the knowledge of 100,000,000,000 Dan Hibiki's

Weaknesses: Is slow AF on foot

Notable attacks/techniques: The Universes largest Gadoken, the Multiverse Killer, etc


Notable Wins: Voltron, Wanked Akuma

Notable Losses:

Ties: None

Key: Dan Hibiki | Gadoken | Doltron

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