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There is no escape from this Hell.


Once upon a time there was a warrior known as the Doom Marine. He singlehandedly tore his way through the bowels of Hell to establish himself as the most feared thing demonkind could ever encounter. And so in their desperation, the demons concocted one final desperate plan: create a super soldier so unbearable that even the Doom Slayer would quake in his boots at the fear of facing his special breed of Hell.

Powers and Stats

Tier: DOOT

Name: DOOT Revenant

Origin: Doom/The Internet

Gender: Skelington

Age: 4 years (maybe, I don't know)

Classification: True final boss of Doom

Powers and Abilities: Sound Manipulation, Trumpet Mastery, Madness Inducement, Skeleton Physiology, Immortality (Type 1, 8 and DOOT)

Attack Potency: DOOT (Should be superior to the Doom Slayer)

Speed: DOOT

Lifting Strength: DOOT

Striking Strength: DOOT

Durability: DOOT

Stamina: About 3 minutes 12 seconds

Range: Internet range

Standard Equipment: DOOT

Intelligence: DOOT

Weaknesses: The DOOT Slayer

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • DOOT: D O O T



Notable Victories:

Doomguy (all versions) (See pictures above for context)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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Skeleton toy attempting to wake up