Tier: No tier can describe what you face, assuming you last enough time to process all the terrible mistakes you made by choosing to attack her

Name: Cynthia

Origin: Sinnoh Region

Gender: Female

Age: ???

Classification: Human, Pokemon Champion, Pokemon Master

Powers and Abilities: Godly Strength, Godly Durability, Godly Stamina, Godly Intelligence, Omnipresent, Summoning, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Wind Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Pokemon Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Rock Manipulation, Aura Manipulation, Ghost Manipulation, Mirror Manipulation, Dragon Manipulation, Shadow Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Space Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Reality Manipulation, Master Unarmed Fighter, Master Armed Fighter, Master Gunwoman, Master Swordswoman, Portal Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Master Alchemist, Master Wizard, Magic, One-Hit Kill, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Sand Manipulation, Immortality, Plot Manipulation, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Godly Charisma, Immunity to all things, Mind Manipulation, Thought Manipulation, Empathy, Soul-Self Manipulation, Time-Travel, Animal Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, SOUL Manipulation, Save-File Creation, Time-Stream Manipulation, Reality Creation, Life Creation, Sentient Life Creation, Ki Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Cloth Manipulation, Banishment Manipulation, Enchantment Manipulation, Soul Destruction, Fairy Manipulation, Inspiration Manipulation, Body Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Beyond the Rules of Reality/Time/Space, High Toon-Force, Night Manipulation, Day Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Alchemy, Potion Creation, Healing, Fear Manipulation, Soul Trapping, Nightmare Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Dream/Nightmare Entering, Can Breath in Space, Iron Manipulation, Steel Manipulation, Hair Manipulation, Gem Manipulation, Self-Resurrection, Force-Field Creation, Indestructibility, Energy Manipulation, Can Negate Everything, Mind Swap, Soul Swap, Body Swap, Pain Manipulation, Instant Death, Strength Manipulation, Durability Manipulation, Speed Manipulation, Stamina Manipulation, Dragon Breath, Flight, True-Flight, Chaos Manipulation, Order Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Atom Manipulation, Chakra Manipulation, Atomic Blasts, Atomic Reconstruction, Song Manipulation, Body Puppetry, Hellfire Manipulation, Fourth-Wall Awareness, Forth-Wall Manipulation, Intangibility, Size Manipulation, Voice Manipulation, Polymorphing, Shape-Shifting, Invisibility, True Invisibility, Power Bestowal, Divine Empowerment, Ki Mastery, Chakra Mastery, Infinite Chakra, Infinite Ki, Infinite Magical Energy, Dimensional Travel, Cosmic Awareness, Universal Travel, Multiversal Travel, Omniversal Travel, Energy Construct Creation, Construct Creation, Phasing, Radiation Production, Self-Sustenance, Godly Senses, Bio-Fission, Bio-Fusion, Necromancy, Matter Absorption, X-Ray Vision, Telescope Vision, Microscope Vision, Infrared Vision, Solar Manipulation, Lunar Manipulation, Ice-Breath, Fire-Breath, Lightning-Breath, Poison Mist Breath, Acid Breath, Faith Manipulation, Dark Lightning, Healing Force-Field and every other power

Attack Potency: Nothing can describe her ability to attack

Speed: Beyond all forms of speed

Lifting Strength: Beyond all forms of strength

Striking Strength: Beyond all forms of strength

Durability: Beyond all forms of durability

Stamina: Beyond all forms of stamina

Range: Beyond all forms of range

Standard Equipment: Pokeballs, Master Balls, Infinity Gauntlet

Intelligence: Beyond all forms of intelligence

I feel like somethings missing

Theme Song:

170px-Diamond Pearl Cynthia
ForsakenQuarterlyBobcat-size restricted

When you see this you know you've messed up

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