The result of a universal glitch and it breeding with Copetan (a cockatiel), making it the son of Copetan. He trained and became this beast.

Powers and stats

Tier: Beyond the concept of Tiers

Name: Copetwo

Origin: Copetan (bird)

Gender: Male

Age: -∞ and ∞ at the same time

Classification: Vague bird mutation

Powers and Abilities: All of them

Attack Potency: Omnipotently omnopotent

Speed: Ultracopepresence+++++++...(google +'s)...+++++

Lifting Strength: Everything^everything

Striking Strength: It is possible that he accidentally destroyed everything once. So he brought everything back to existence exactly the way it was before he destroyed that. But he has never admitted it...

Durability: Omnipotent (infinite) attacks do nothing to him

Stamina: He is the defention of stamina

Range: All of it

Standard Equipment: Beak, feathers, and wings (yes, wings)

Intelligence: Omniomniomniomniomniomniomnicopeomniscience

Weaknesses: What's that?


  • He is the creator of all birds

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Extreme blinding good looks
  • Reality destroying singing
  • Thoughts become reality


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

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