Composite Tree is the almighty god slayer, as well as the most powerful character in VsBattles Wiki.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 0

Name: Composite Tree

Origin: Used to be Real Life, but grew so much that it transcended it's own verse

Gender: Attack Helicopter

Age: 2 years old (Created in May 15, 2017)

Classification: Tree, God slayer

Powers and Abilities: Toxin Manipulation, Duplication (Over time, but can can grown nearly instantaneously via Speed Equalized), Can outlive it's opponent, Hive Mind (It's an entire forest), Reasons Above Manipulation, Verse Soloing, Immunity to Fire Manipulation (Anytime you se a tree burning, it was PIS)

Attack Potency: High True Infinity+ (Defeatd a God, which automatically makes it omnipotent), Can negate durability via Toxins (It's toxins can kill anything, no exceptions)

Speed: Below Average Human, Irrelevant via equalizing speed (Can grow at the speed of it's opponent)

Lifting Strength: High True Infinity+

Striking Strength: High True Infinity+

Durability: So durable that it can't be damaged, no mater how strong the opponent is, Is immune to fire

Stamina: Unknown (Always defeats the enemy without even having to try)

Range: As far as it wants via growing

Standard Equipment: Doesn't need any

Intelligence: Omniscient (As a Composite Tree, it knows everything any tree has ever known, Gained Omniscience along with Omnipotence when he defeated a god)


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Reasons Above: Tree wins for the reasons above.
  • Toxins: The Tree can kill anything with it's toxins, no matter how powerful it is, no exceptions.
  • Outliving: When the Tree considers the opponent too insignificant, it doesn't even waste their time killing it, it simply waits for the opponent to die on it's own.
  • Growing Speed Equalizing: When speed is equal, the Tree can grow as fast as the opponent can move, which means that no mater how many times he chops a tree, they will all grow back, and there's nothing that can be done to stop it.


Notable Victories:

The Authority (Take that, BB)

Composite Ant (The ant may also be omnipotent, but still couldn't defeat the Tree)

Composite Shark (As a punishment for "Jaws: The Revenge")

Patagotitan Mayorum (Dinosaurs may be awesome, but they're still insignificant in comparrison to Composite Tree)

Sans (Stomp, Tree solos the verse)

Notable Losses:

Water Sheep (PewDiePie) Water Sheep's Profile (Post-Death Water Sheep was used, both were bloodlusted, speed was equalized)

The battle against Pyro was PIS

Inconclusive Matches:

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