The composite profiles is a fusion of all the profiles of this site and probably the most powerful of all the onmiverse

Stats And Power

Tier: 4-B | Memetic |High 3-A | 2-C | High 1-C | 1-B | 2-A | 0 | -1

Name: Unknown

Origin: JBW

Gender: Inapplicable

Classification: The Ultimate Character

Age: Unknown

Powers and Abilities: All That exist

Attack Potence: Solar System+, Universal+, Memetic+, Low Multiversal+, High Multiversal+, High Hyperverse(Destroyed Aleverse), High Outerversal+(Destroyed JBW In A punch)

Speed: MFTL+, Immensurable, Beyond Onmipresence+

Lifting Strength: N/A(ridiculously Can lift anything)

Striking Strength: N/A(Can destroy anything)

Durability:N/A(it is indestructible)

Stamina: N/A(He can handle anything)

Range: Infinte (It can make Movements that Tremble Common and Deep Web)

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence:Beyond Onmiscience(know anything)

Weakness: Fuck Off Weaknesses


Notable Victories:

Anything And Everbody

Notable Loses: is Invencible so can not lose

Inconclusive Matchs:

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