psssh...nothin personeel...kid...

Summary (4kids censorchip version of coldsteel's origin)

coldsteel was born with a special power. He was stronger then all his classmates in the sonic fighting academy. He served in the sonic military fighting shadow and in the final battel against shadow they were fighting and shadow turned him into the darkness and coldseel turned against sonic and killed him. he lost a part of his ear in the battle which is why he doesnt not have a part of his ear, pls stop PMing me askin me why thats why. also earings arent gurly screw you reader everyone knows you wank sonic, accept he lost to coldsteel the hedgeheg

Stats and Powerz

Tier: High 6-A I High 6-A I 2-A as Dark Coldsteel

Name: Coldsteel the Hedgeheg

Origin: Coldsteel the Hedgeheg / Sanic Forcez

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Sonic Miltary Soldiore, Linkin Park Band Member

Powers and Abilities: Being Edgy, Immortality (Survived cutting himself MULITPLE times)

Attack Potency: Eye Rotating Level++ I Star Level (Flipped shadow off with his own catchphrase "nothin personell kid")

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with sonic)

Lifting Strength: Lifted the most biggest knife in reality and fiction and cut himself with it

Striking Strength: Perfect at striking gun shots

Durability: Tanked hits from sonic, tails, knuckels, amy and shadough

Stamina: He's a gaym character so Beyond Infinite.

Range: Don't underestimate his range, kid I Continent Level

Standard Equipment: Guns and Swords

Intelligence: Average I Knows how to use guns, NO MISTAKE whatsoever

Key: Base Coldsteel I Fighting Shadow I Dark, Dank and Edgy Form

Weaknesses: Sometimes dumb

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Shadow Clone Jutsu, Other edgy and shadowy ablitties. He's coldsteel


Notable Victories

ShadOW the hEDGEhog (Via Mismatch)

Notable Losses

N-Alex (2-A Coldsteel & 6-C Alex) (Stomp) (N-Alex profile)

Kevin (aka, Infinite from Sanic Forcez)

Inconclusive Matches

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