Thank goodness Microsoft discontinued it.


Ugh. Many a disgruntled late 90s-2000s PC (or Mac) user knows this bugger. Clippy. We never liked ye.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 💩

Name: Clippy

Origin: Microsoft

Gender: Genderless (It's an animated paperclip)

Age: Long gone

Classification: Animated Paperclip/Office Assistant(as if)

Powers and Abilities: Being annoying and useless. It is very difficult to like this inanimate object.

Attack Potency: Annoying Level

Speed: Less than 20KBPS

Lifting Strength: Nope. Paperclips don't lift. Paperclip can only lift his own body weight to move, but he can easily be crushed underneath the weight of a pixelated finger proportionally less than his own mass.

Striking Strength: Nor do they strike.

Durability: Unfortunately very high; possibly unknown in level, but not infinite or incalculable. (the clip is persistent)

Stamina: Limitless; will not stop. Infinite.

Range: Around the range of a computer.

Standard Equipment: A piece of paper behind it

Intelligence: Claims to be an office assistant, but just comes across as a bother. Seems to possess a rather normal artificial intelligence in addition.

Weaknesses: Being discontinued; people finding ways to get around it on their devices.

PC Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95/98 operating system or later, or Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Service Pack 5 or later. (will not run on earlier versions) 

MAC Requirements A Mac OS 7.5 compatible computer equipped with a PowerPC processor. 


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