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Name: Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris

Origin: Real Life

Gender: Male

Age: Older than any form of time or creation

Classification: A literal god amongst gods.

Powers and Abilities: Infinite degrees of infinity higher than all of reality and fiction combined.

Attack Potency: All

Speed: Memetic

Lifting Strength: Memetic

Striking Strength: It is postulated that he created every omniverse, timeline, fictional verse, and conceivable notion with a single roundhouse kick.

DurabilityUnknown, but has actually died in the past (Death is just too scared to tell him.

Stamina: Vastly never-ending

Range: Omnidirectional

Standard Equipment: Who needs tools when you’re Chuck Norris

Intelligence: Possesses Super Duper Ultra Omega Uber Omniscience.

Weaknesses: Bruce Lee. Getting his chest hair pulled.


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