Master Chair

Buy one Chair-Sama get one Aizen Free.


Chair-Sama is the ultimate being of the Bleach Verse, able to casually defeat the likes of Chuck Norris , Morgan Freeman , Yhwach (Wanked) (though he only lost due to wanting to reunite with Table-Kun), and Saitamnipotence merely by being in the same area as them. Not even Sonic can outspeed its speediness, since its speediness trancesends speedineeses speed limit. Also, it has the smell of the magestic booty of Aizen-Sama.

Tier: Irrevelant/Buzz Lightyear Tier (Infinity and Beyond)

Name: Chair-Sama, AKA- Verse Soloer 2.0, Yhwach Killer, Chuck Norris's Ultimate Creation, Aizen's Throne.</s>

Origin: Bleach, exactly what the enemies will be drinking when asked to face this majesticness.

Age: Irrelevant since its majecticness is too much for even time to comprehend. 

Gender: Chair

Classification: Outer God. 

Powers and Abilities: Manipulation Manipulation, True Vastly Transcended Omnipotence, True Vastly Transcended Omniscient, True Vastly Transcended Omnipresent, Reality Manipulation, Reality Warping, Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Atomic Manipulation, and every power that exists and has yet to exist. 

Attack Potency: Irrelevant/ True Vastly Transcended Omnipotence being near it (by near means being anyway around of its radius of infinity) would result as an instant loss. 

Speed: True Vastly Transcended Omnipresence. Can outspeed the concept of outspeeding infinite speed.

Lifting Strength: Chair Level. How much is that you say? Everything and Infinite are nothing compared to it. 

Striking Strength: True Vastly Transcended Omnipotence, due to it being so powerful, it being there would instant KO everything that wasn't worthy of being near it, except Aizen. Aizen is worthy. 

DurabilityIrrelevant. Nothing except Aizen would be able to get near it. 

Stamina: Irrelevant. It transcends infinite potential.

Range: Transcended Infinity.

Standard Equipment: One hot Aizen.

Intelligence: True Vastly Transcended Omniscient.

Weaknesses: Aizen-Sama's sweet ass. 



'Losses: Yhwach (Wanked) (though he only lost due to wanting to reunite with Table-Kun)'''

Inconclusive: Mayuri Kurotsuchi

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