Caveman Spongebob is the ancestor of SpongeGar. He discovered Jellyfishing when Squidward traveled back in time and showed it to him and Primitive Patrick. He debuted in 2004 in the episode "SB-129", and was later revived in 2016 as a meme.

Powers and Stats

Tier: at least 7-B to 6-A, most likely 4-B, possibly 3-A

Name: Caveman/Primitive Spongebob

Origin: Spongebob Squarepants

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, Is the ancestor of Spongebob, the meme was born a few months ago as of this page's creation

Classification: Living Meme, Jedi, Pokemon Trainer, Caveman, 

Powers and Abilities: Cloning, Teleportation, Body Manipulation, Superhuman physical characteristics (Most notably reaction times), Transformation (Can take the form of various FPS and shounen jump characters), Immunity towards electricity

Attack Potency: at least City Level to Continent Level (Is a skilled Jedi trainee, took the form of and traded blows with characters from JoJo, Overwatch, Naruto and TF2, should be superior to the original Spongebob) most likely Solar System Level (Can trade blows with, as well as take the form of various Shounen Jump characters such as Cell and Goku) possibly Universe Level (Likely superior to SSG Spongebob)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can take the form of DBZ and JoJo characters, flew to Mars in a short time frame, should be superior to Dat Boi and SSG Spongebob) with Nigh-Instantaneous reactions

Lifting Strength: Stellar Class

Striking Strength: Stellar Class

Durability: City Level to Continent Level (Took hits from the various characters listed above) most likely Solar System Level (For reasons stated above) Possibly Universe Level

Stamina: Unknown, likely pretty high

Range: Melee

Standard Equipment: His loin cloth, a jellyfishing net, wielded guns in some memes, likely wields the same weapons as the characters listed above, also possesses Star Platinum and probably protects himself with comic books because of that

Intelligence: Should be pretty low, unable to recognize Team Rocket's disguises 

Weaknesses: Very unintelligent

Notable Attacks/Techniques: None

Note: See this thread for further information on the character.


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