Characters that do not have any stat listed in their powers and stats, and have instead, something beyond anything that can be listed as: Tier, AP, Powers and Abilities, Attack Potency, Speed, Lifting Strength, Striking Strength, Durability, Stamina, Range, Standard Equipment, Intelligence, Key, Notable Attacks/Techniques, etc. by themselves.

Sometimes, the character is simply just above stats. They still apply, but only to the lesser version of statless, called Lesser Statless.

All statless beings are casually above any "Undefinable" characters, as they are above the weak minds that cannot interact with the incomprehensible.

"That's because they simply don't get it. Those things are only percievable by someone who is at this level. Like me. They saying it's "unperceivable, incromprehensible, blah, blah, blah" is getting pretty annoying. For example: When I try to mention a single letter about an Awesomite, they only hear a cacophony, when I write it, they see it as gibberish. They just.. well, don't get it. " - Alex

This is an original concept created by the Alemniscients, along with: Awesomite (or Muchinite.. or any other Alefinite), Untierable, Memetic Murderer, Ocean Melter, Tier Manipulation, Tier Destruction, Manipulation Manipulation, Killing Intent, Quintessence of Shitposting, and some more. So you have to ask Ale to use it or we'll kindly slap your shit c:

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