(Simple People): Express much less emotions, not knowing how to improve their own attitudes, actions, opportunism, intolerance, obsession, ambition, sincerity and others; is someone who does not bother with the differences that exist between situations in which it is placed, since it is one that relates easily, and is also generally humble, sincere, and good with life, has no frills; he does not surrender to the vanities present in the environment in which he lives, that he is not superior to others, that he has no frills, that he does not live by complaining about life; To have only simple attitudes and actions, that is to say, much more similar and equal to others and without any degree of complexity with each other, being that a person with this characteristic can be simple, innocent, naive, modest, humble, vulgar, ignorant. In bad, extreme and complicated moments, the simple person can freak out monstrously demonstrating monstrous attitudes without any complexities, until he is limited and unconscious, and when they recover consciously, and even they who remember what happened, they return to being calm and quiet, without negative complexity and without negative and complex temperament.

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