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There is no escape from the Cardboard, as much like in the tale of Midas, all shall turn to Cardboard, even the concept of nothingness shall turn to cardboard. None can control the power of Cardboard except the Cardboardmania itself, which is one with all cardboard which is all things and no things combined. Suns, Planets, Oceans, Continents, and the Universe itself will bend to cardboard. All means Cardboard, and whatever one says, actually means Cardboard in various languages, which are also cardboard.

It is much like the Gold touch, but Cardboard. Anything can be turned into cardboard, and all concepts shall be turned into cardboard. It is the ultimate power, the biggest underdog, and if one has unlimited power, he already is cardboard. Cardboard becomes all and nothing. Cardboard >>> Azathoth, TOAA, Kami Tenchi, and various others like Undoubtedly First

The real cal howard had this to say:

There's no beating cardboard.

FateAlbane had this to say:

All follows the will of cardboard.

Nothing itself belongs to the cardboard.

As it shall be for all eternity... Which is also cardboard.

/\ What's written above shall be read as:

Cardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboard (Note:The spaces and punctuation signs are also cardboard.)

cardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboard cardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboardcardboard

Now, follow the will of cardboard and translate the rest, understand that all is cardboard and understanding means cardboard.



Palpatine on Cardboard Manipulation

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  • "There's no beating cardboard" -The real cal howard

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