Fuck Gol D Roger this is the real Pirate King!


Behold the True Pirate King, Buggy D. Clown! How can we describe him? There's no words to describe this magnificent, walking masterpiece that is Buggy the Clown i mean Buggy D. Clown! He is the true pirate king, the father of fathers of Monkey D. Garp and every other D in the story, even Gol D Roger, who is nothing but ants compared to the mighty Buggy.

Buggy will show us all the power of Muggy Balls!

Powers and Stats

Tier: Buggy Tier | Buggy Tier+

Name: Lord Buggy D. Clown, the True Pirate King and MC of One Piece

Origin: One Pace

Gender: Buggy-Gender

Age: 1000+ (Knows the secret behind the Poneglyphs)

Powers and Abilities: Bara Bara no Mi (Mastered it and every other devil fruit and awakened all of them), can consume more than one devil fruit (infinite), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Clown Power, Masterful Haki User (Armament, Observation, Conqueror's all to unfathomably greater extents as well as God's, and much more), much more because of all the combined devil fruits as well as Plotpotence (via Will of D)

Classification: Harem King, Pirate King, One Piece King, Eiichiro Oda's Self Insert, Pirate God, Unstoppably Strong Metayonko

Attack Potency: Buggy Level (Buggy is the strongest character of the One Piece, stronger than all of the admirals, vice admirals, shichibukai, and yonko, and even Luffy and Gol D Roger combined. He is the true pirate king afterall and the actual main character of One Piece that Oda has been deceiving you for so long about. Additionally, he is the One Piece!) | Buggy Level+ (Has awakened all of his devil fruits and has become the Pirate God of all Verses)

Speed: Immeasurable (Transcended the One Piece plot and instantly shut down every plot hole and asspull in One Piece when it was revealed he is Pirate King, can also access the past just by using Bara Bara no Mi) | Omnipresent+ (Exists everywhere in the One Piece plot)

Lifting Strength: Class Buggy (Can lift his own Muggy Balls) | Irrelevant (His mere prescence is a display to all of us why lifting strength is fucking useless)

Striking Strength: Class Buggy (With Gomu Gomu no Mi Gear 4 he can enhance his striking strength even more) | Class Buggy+ (With all your devil fruits combined I'm Lord Buggy!)

Durability: Memetic (See this) | Memetic

Stamina: Limitless (HAS NEVER TIRED)

Range: As long as One Piece will run

Standard Equipment: Knives, Muggy Balls

Intelligence: Omniscient (Found the One Piece, wait no, HE IS THE ONE PIECE!) | Omniscient

Weaknesses: The Great Buggy laughs at weaknesses!

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Too many to list

Key: Base | Awakened


Notable Victories

Shanks (Secretly, behind that calm, smug exterior that is Shanks', there is a very, very, very frightened child)

Thebluedash (got triggered)

Notable Losses

God Usopp

Inconclusive Matches

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