Name: Broly

Origin: DBZ

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Classification: The Legendary and uber awesome and edgy Super Saiyan. Also the original Super Saiyan God and Vados’s teacher.

Powers and Abilities: Being cool

Attack Potency: At least Galaxy Level (destroyed the South Galaxy in one blast), Likely Outerverse level (Broly killed TLT in a single hit in the chest, as shown in the picture above)

Speed: ∞ + (Faster than Sanic.)

Lifting Strength: Maximum 

Striking Strength: At least Multi-universal. He defeated 5 Super Saiyans, so logically he’s as strong as a SSJ5

Durability: Unkillable. Goku beating him was because goku (exaggerate) wanted it too. YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!!! BROLY IS UNSTOPPABLE!

Stamina: Infinite (his Ki always rises.)

Range: Beyond the 4th Wall. His tragic death reached out all the way to my heart strings. RIP in piece Broly.

Standard Equipment: A badass theme song.

Intelligence: Probably , since the only thing he can say is Kakarot. But who needs brains when you’re as stronk as Broly.

Weaknesses: The stab wound in his chest which is the only way he can be defeated (even though Goku beat him by punching his stomach.)

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