Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl Render By Skodwarde

The greatest pro football player in video game history.


Bo Jackson was a famous athlete during the 80s. Nothing though, will be as great as his monstrous legacy in Tecmo Bowl.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unstoppable Sports Game Character Tier

Name: Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson

Origin: Tecmo Bowl

Gender: Male


  • Game Age: 26 (The NES version of Tecmo Bowl came out around Feburary 1989)
  • Real Age: 53 (Born November 30, 1962)

Classification: Human/Video Game Football Icon

Powers and Abilities: Super Speed, Super Charging, Super EVERYTHING A RUNNING BACK CAN DO!

Attack Potency: Ultimate Running Back level


Lifting Strength: Stadium Class

Striking Strength: Bo can plow through ANYONE!

Durability: NES Video Game Running Back level

Stamina: Unlimited(Back in those days, there was no such thing as stamina in a football video game)

Range: Football Field Range

Standard Equipment: Helmet, Jersey, Pads, Cleats

Intelligence: High (was a former college player and a damn good one, and academics are important in college)

Weaknesses: Turning off the NES (unless he somehow breaks out of the console)


  • Towered over virtually every player in Tecmo Bowl
  • Considered the greatest video game athlete ever

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Doesn't really need any. He's an all powerful running back.



Notable Victories:

  • Quentin Sands (Blitz: The League)
  • Devin Hester (Madden NFL 08)
  • Marcel Reese (Madden NFL 11)
  • Reggie Bush (Madden NFL 07)
  • Marshall Faulk (Madden NFL 2003)
  • Deion Sanders (Madden NFL 99 & 2000)
  • Jerry Rice (Madden NFL 98 N64)

Notable Losses:

  • Game Genie

Inconclusive Matches:

  • Michael Vick (Madden NFL 2004)