• Crabwhale

    Wew, that title.

    • Count of Monte Cristo
    • Tolkienverse
    • Rest of the Divine Comedy (Done with Inferno)
    • Don Quixote (I mean, I'm reading it right now, but nonetheless)
    • Bram Stoker's Dracula
    • The Iliad and the Odyssey
    • Some others I'll think about later
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  • Uselessnoob245


    February 21, 2019 by Uselessnoob245

    I'm running out of ideas, so I made this.

    Before, this is how people view other people's Godmodes.

    Below Shit Tier 9999999999999999999999—--— even the absolute weakest form can kill infinite x infinite x infinite power beyond beyond everything of that Godmode.

    0.000000000000001% power can beat true 99999999999999999999999999x infinite your character's tier

    Tier -∞ at best. For someone who keeps saying "Nothing will happen to me", Trash Tier.

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  • Read this post

    • Du Sollst - Dies Irae: (Pour forth from the Chaos - Day of Wrath) The manifestation of Reinhard’s Law, one that follows through with his desire of "loving everything at fullpower". Through Dies Irae, every member of Reinhard’s Legion is brought to his level of existence, making them and any other soul or any other things in existence he obtains in the world, making all become pseudo-gods in the process. In addition to all that, everyone and thing of Reinhards' legion (i.e the LDO, Nazi German Army, and all other souls he acquires) have their abilities become conceptual in nature to their previous effects and making them far devastating to the point of affecting other Gods such as Mercurius and Ren Fuji.
      • Kamunagara: The physical manifestation…

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  • MaxForward

    Well, never thought I had to make this, but I have to give a quick statement:

    Firstly, I never wanted the Pewds vs T-Series community to take over this will for no reason like they did with Orror's T-Series wiki. I just wanted to let people informed that the subgap is closing and indeed it is (currently at 9k, pls sub and keep the toxic Pewdiepie vs T-Series fans out.)

    And that's pretty much all there is to say for now.


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  • PsychoWarper

    Composite Primarch

    February 19, 2019 by PsychoWarper

    This is a theoretical composite character who is a combination of the Loyal Primarchs and the Traitorous Primarchs from WH40k.

    Tier: At least 4-B, possibly higher, higher with Primarch Weapons | At least 2-C

    Name: Composite Primarch

    Origin: Warhammer 40,000

    Gender: Male

    Age: 10,000+

    Classification: Alpha Plus Psyker, Warmaster of the Imperium, Chosen Champion of Chaos Undivided, Warmaster of Chaos, Lord Commander of the Imperium, Perpetual

    Powers and Abilities:  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9: Based on his Warp form), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Vast Psychic Power, Weapon Mastery, Master Hand-to-Hand Combatants, Reality Warping, Information Analysis (Glanced at Ahzek Ahriman and knew his body better than Ahzek knew i…

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  • VoidSansXD

    Snas undertale is stronker than t00by f0x, c0z snas is manpluate teh fisics of gaem, and t00by f0x creat gaem, therfor, snas undertale > t00by f00x

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  • Crabwhale

    Note: Even if this film is nearly 30 years old, if you do not want spoilers, I would suggest stopping here, as I will be very non-conservative when it comes to every single detail of it.

    Other Note: Yes, I was too lazy to make a pic this time, gimme a break.

    Right, so, time for a bit of context: the place where I live at has this thing going that they import like, everything television related. And among them was, of course, Dragon Ball Z. As you can imagine, I, like the majority of the fucking planet, adored DBZ as a kid. However, the program was inexplicably taken off syndication (or the equivalent of that in here) only to return many years later as a re-dubbed show. It was one of the earliest dubs I had ever seen, so I dunno, maybe they ju…

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  • The Twilight Doll

    Coming Soon

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  • Seol404

    The First YouTube Video.

    February 11, 2019 by Seol404

    (IDK why I made this, I just felt like sharing it with everyone. This vid is still getting tons of views and there where several comments posted mere minutes before I clicked on.)

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  • DerpyLulu

    Joke Speed - Jokeverse

    February 10, 2019 by DerpyLulu

    Okay, Let's just do make speed stats about Jokeverse.

    This is about the list new speeds for other joke characters in JBW, Jokeverse that we have.

    Speed is the amount of time it takes someone or something to travel a certain distance. There are joke speed relevant to the discussion of Jokeverse.

    • Stalknipresent: Everywhere in a much wider verse.
    • Realitypresent: Much like omnipresence but in a much, MUCH wider scale.
    • Jokeipresent: Too Fast than Stalknipresent.
    • Above Jokeipresent: Fast than Jokeipresent.
    • Versenipresent: Exists beyond all concepts of speed.
    • Above Verse Scale Speed: Faster in exist above every verses.
    • Above Above Verse Scale Speed: Above Speed to Everywhere than Above Verse Scale Speed.
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  • Megamangohan

    Hello, my name is ...

    Although most of you prefer to call me as Megaman Gohan

    Whatever the case, I have come to everyone with a new patch update 6.5.1. This will create balance changes that are needed as with the development of Dragon Ball Super. We know a lot of you have been complaining about the current Meta being too overreliant on certain characters, however we hope that this balance patch will create maximum enjoyment for every Dragon Ball fan both old and new, creating an experience that isn't overrealiant on certain characters being excessively shown.

    But with this out of the way, we will be reviving many characters. So the question now is. Who is going to be joining the fight.

    Let's find out...

    • Goku Appears and looks around, Then Thumb…
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  • VoidSansXD

    Void!Sans was at first a normal sans, but then a magical unicorn came and papyrus became deathpacito, but sans is extrem stronk now.

    Tier:  9-B (Before transformation) | -1 (Became memelord and dimension god thing) | -72636.2 (Killed Saness) | Beyond the concept of tiers (Drove Thanos car without becoming unicorn) | Unicorn+ (Killed unicorn) | Bird+ (Killed a bird) |  Infinite memes (Killed negative infinite% power chuck norris) |  Real Life tier (Actually is an OC I made, therefore it's real xdDdDD) | Beyond Memes (Reached negative absolute infinity percent of Copeten's power) |  WWE Tier (beat John Cena AND Super Cena in a wrestling match) | Beyond Homework (Actually does homework and reks it) |  Beyond anything (Reached 0% of Copetens po…

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  • DMUA

    So, on the VSBW RP Discord, Torlikoff made this pile of trash, where this happens.

    Distance from earth to moon is 384.4 million meters, divided by 5 is 76880000 meters per second, 0.25644407639 SOL.

    Using the Rel Calculator with the weight of a normal man, 70 Kilograms, gets us...

    2.176E+17 Joules, 52.0076481836 Megatons, City level

    Scales to Exaggerated Real Life Crimson when he's enraged, and maybe Crabwhale because he's still swole as fork

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  • Rodri "Dante"

    Femora goes into his car before a meteor strikes it, when said meteor was about to.

    The speed of a meteor varies from 11000 m/s to 72000 m/s. So the promedium is 41500 m/s.

    It was moving really slowly from Femora's persective, so I'm going to use the middle end of below average human speed (2.5 m/s)

    Meanwhile, I will use the middle end of average human speed for Femora (6.35 m/s)

    Femora speed = Human speed * (Meteor speed / Below Average Human speed)

    6.35*(41500/2.5) = 105410 m/s = Mach 307.3177842566 (Massively Hypersonic)

    Scales to Dadd since both are genetically the same.

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  • MaxForward

    My Upcoming Pages

    February 3, 2019 by MaxForward

    Shaggy is all (Wait, isn't that supposed to be the definition of a godmode?) But, unlike the traditional godmode, Shaggy got memed to godhood.

    Tier: At least High Eternally Undefinable Memetic+ at -Infinity% of his power... (But he goes beyond that)

    Name: Shaggy

    Origin: Predates all things

    Gender: Male

    Age: Over 13,7 Billion

    Classification: Undescribable

    Powers and Abilities: True Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence, Life Creation (Used %0.04 of his power to create, train and immortalize Scooby-Doo)

    Attack Poteny: At least High Multiverse level (Killed Thanos) Eternally Undefinable (His power literally cannot be measured in percentages)

    Speed: Subsonic to Massively FTL+

    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strengt…

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  • Megamangohan

    The tale of 8 Children

    February 3, 2019 by Megamangohan

    Once, there existed 2 Kingdoms that were constantly at war with each other. After years of constant fighting, they decided to stop and settle their differences and build a wall between the two kingdoms. This barrier represented division, but it was not a division of race, or nationality, or color, or gender, or any sensory thing that would divide us humans. Instead it was a division between order and chaos. Those that lived in the chaos kingdom would constantly get and chase all of their pleasures now, and then pay the price later. Those that chose the Law Kingdom never got any pleasures now, but had a delayed gratification mindset. They expect there to be a reward for all of their hard work, but how would they know, they have never seen, …

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  • PublicMinority87

    Yes, I am on a train making this post right now.

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  • DMUA

    As the comment above states, Donald Trump was able to destroy the entire white house via the uttering of the N word.

    The white house is 51.2 by 26.1 by 21.336 meters, which is a volume of 28511.72352 meters, or 28511723520 centimeters Cubed.

    Hollowness is from 90% to 95%, so, he destroyed 2851172352 to 1425586176 centimeters.

    Now, fragmentation is 8, violent fragmentation is 69, and Pulverization is 214.35. so....

    Fragmentation: 11404689408 Joules, 2.72578618738049 Tons of TNT, Large Building level

    Violent Fragmentation: 98365446144 Joules, 23.5099058661567 Tons of TNT, City Block level

    Pulverization: 305574396825.6 Joules, 73.0340336581261 Tons of TNT, City Block level+

    Fragmentation: 22809378816 Joules, 5.45157237476099 Tons of TNT, Large Building leve…

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  • The Twilight Doll

    Rainbow Dash (True Profile)

    Fat Mom

    Logan Paul

    Tronald Dump


    Kow King

    Vegito (Exaggerated)?¿

    Stanley S Squarepants

    Mayron Legenrok

    The Final Pam

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  • Read this post

    Why god?

    January 31, 2019 by Read this post

    Keeping this incase i wanna post a weird meme here

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  • Ainex234

    Earlier today, Piranha Plant was released as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is something fans have been waiting for for a long time, as the Plant is an highly popular character. However, as I was playing as the Plant ingame, I couldn't help but feel that there was something odd about it. The Piranha Plants have teeth, a tongue and, as smash reveals, legs, none of which are features plants are known to have. The sprouts even have fins!  . This could be considered simply one of the Mario universe's oddities, as many other plants in the mushroom kingdom are seen to have facial features. No other plants, however, have bones. You know what does, though? Fish . And consider the names of the Piranha Plant's many variatio…

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  • Rodri "Dante"
    • Rockman goes deep enough into the ocean to the point no sunlight can reach him.
    • Pharaohman makes a sand pillar.


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  • MLPlover2011

    4chan Shitler

    Lord English (Ascended)


    The Final Sans


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  • Uselessnoob245 2

    Godmode to Member

    January 27, 2019 by Uselessnoob245 2
    • Rainbow Dash (True Profile)
    • Fat Mom
    • Tronald Dump
    • Logan Paul
    • Spongebob
    • Sheep Queen
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  • MaxForward

    YouTube is one of the most popular websites ever, and as of recently, one of the worst.

    But just how many videos are there?


    July 2006: 65000 videos uploaded daily

    October 2008: 308000 videos uploaded daily

    2010: 771000 videos uploaded daily

    2013: 2073600 videos uploaded daily

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  • Holyhotsauce

    Today, I will calc the size of Big Chungus.

    It shall be glorious (Probably, I don't know how to do pixel calcs lol).

    Original Video

    For the sake of my sanity, I will assume that the galaxy is the milky way galaxy and I will be measuring in light years.

    Milky way galaxy diameter = 105,700.0834 light years according to Google.

    105,700.0834 / 1311 = 80.6255403509 light years for every pixel.

    Big Chungus is 476 pixels tall (Including ears)

    476 x 80.6255403509 = 38377.757207 light years (363081617077570000 kilometres) tall (including ears).

    Big Chungus (without including ears) is 307 pixels tall.

    307 x 80.6255403509 = 24752.0408877 light years (234172387484830000 kilometres) tall (without including ears).

    Big Chungus is 214 pixels wide (not including arm…

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  • Rodri "Dante"

    Homestuck calcs

    January 18, 2019 by Rodri "Dante"

    I'll move this to VS Battles later.

    I'm going to calculate the following things:

    • Dave breaking Derse's chain.
    • John drills a hole in the battlefield.
    • The meteor that fell in Jade's island.

    First, I am going to determine it's size

    After some consideration, the most logical size for lands and the Battlefield is planet-size (With Derse and Prospit being a bit smaller), as it is the one that gives less contradictions. If someone wants to suggest another size(s) I'm listening.

    Distance: ((1274200/237)*16)-((1274200/237)*10) = 32258.227848101 meters

    Timeframe: 2.08 seconds

    Speed: 32258.227848101/(1÷2.08) = 67097.11392405 m/s

    Putting this into the kinetic energy calculator gives us 1.53734e+28 joules (High 6-A, Multi-Continent level)

    How does this scale to anyo…

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  • Rora Raro

    Hey, this sounds familiar... That's because it is. Another Top involving extinct animals, only this time it's MAMMALS. From the Cenozoic Era (which began 65 million years ago all the way to today). However, this list will not include modern mammals like dogs, cats, etc. These creatures are extinct. You must already know what a mammal is, animals that are covered with hair, produce milk, give birth to live-young, (unless you're a monotreme).

    Alright! Let's Begin!

    1. Leptictidium ("graceful weasel")

    'Leptictidium was a small mammal that was bipedal. It lived from 50 to 35 million years ago (the Lower Eocene), they were widespread throughout Europe. They were omnivorous feeding on plants, insects, and other small animals. They were adapted for f…

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  • ArbitraryNumbers

    I was requested to calc the lifting strength required to lift Bikini Bottom.

    I will be using this calc for reference.

    One small building is 4382.5 cubic centimeters.

    One large building is 20,600 cubic centimeters.

    For the low end weight, we'll use the smaller picture of Bikini Bottom, which has 13 small buildings and 4 large ones.

    Density of steel is 7 g/cm^2

    4,382.5 * 13 * 7.7 g/cm^3 = 438,688.25

    20,600 * 4 * 7.7 g/cm^3 = 634,480

    634480 + 438688.25 = = 1073168.25 grams, or 1073.16825 kilograms.

    Now that would normally be Class 1, but we're going to need to take into account the buoyant forces first.

    First for the force of buoyancy:

    Bouyancy = Volume * Densit…

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  • CrimsonStarFallen

    Simple stuff.

    After Monarch pissed me off multiple times, i said fuck it and went straight to Australia where i was killed by a few dozen animals and had to go back.

    So, how fast would i be?

    The distance between me and Australia is 16.905 kilometers, or 16.905.000 meters. Took me about 30 seconds to do it, so divide by 30 and you got 563500 m/s, or mach 1642. Massively Hypersonic+

    We are not done here. When going to Australia, i, of course, had a weapon with me. What weapon? Well, none other than a frikkin cannon.

    I had a cannon and 3 cannon balls, which, all combined, give me about 1545 kilos. Putting that in the KE calculator, gives me about 2.45294E+14 joules, or 58 kilotons. Town level+

    Wew lad.

    Scales to Monarch and a bunch of other people.

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  • DMUA

    Okay, so, due to me trolling MrKing over a certain detail of DT revisions, he threw a television at me from Phoenix. While I should be fixing the wall and explaining what happened to my tramatized mother who happened to be going into the backroom aiming to do laundry, instead, I'll do the extremely more important thing and calculate this. Luckily, my ribcage cracked while saving my fingers from certain shattering, so this is doable.

    The distance from Phoenix to San Diego is 571.317 Kilometers, or 571317 meters

    A second after he said he was gonna do it, I could distincly hear the whistle of a sub nuclear impact approaching, so divide by 1 and it's 571317 m/s, Mach 1665.64723032069, Massively Hypersonic+ televisions. This should scale to combat…

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  • Rora Raro

    So, before I begin I this blog. Let me just say that list will not include dinosaurs (obviously), but there will be one bird (which are considered dinosaurs). What I mean is there will be no creatures that are part of the clade Dinosauria.

    Now let's begin, shall we? 

    1. Anomalocaris ("abnormal shrimp")

    Anomalocaris was part of the extinct genus of anomalocaridid, they were believed to be a close part of arthropods. It grew up to a meter in length or 3.3 feet, it was a predator feeding on hard-bodied critters like Trilobites. It lived during the Middle Cambrian or around 505 million years ago. It was first described around 1892 by Joseph Frederick Whiteaves.

    2. Tiktaalik ("fishapod")

    Tiktaalik is a stepping stone in evolution, it looks like a li…

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  • Copetan

    Note: This blog is heavily work in progress, so some of the sections might be incomplete. Please feel free to yell at me if I haven't worked on this for a long time. Thank you for your understanding.

    Hello! If you are here, it's probably because I linked to this page on my Unsolved Mathematical Problems blog. If not, please feel free to use the table of contents, as this might get very long and messy. Here's a reference guide to most, if not all, of the notations presented in that blog post. Okay, I guess it's time to get to it!

    Anybody who has gone through primary education knows what addition is (if not, stop using this wiki and please go to school now). Here's an example, nonetheless:

    [remember to add more eventually]

    Sets. Yes, sets! Sets …

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  • MLPlover2011

    Once apon a time there was a war in JBW between these characters that claimed to solo everything called "Godmodes" and Logan Paul. It was MLPlover2011, MatthewandMario, Carlos, MaxForward, and Errorsaness vs Yellowpig10 and Opcharmake and that caused a big war with many flame wars and edit wars happened.

    And yes after that war there were a ton of godmodes, spam pages, OCs, and Low Quality Godmodes. Lots of them were claimed to solo everything and even the wiki itself

    Somehow on June 10, A user named Uselessnoob245 brought chaos into this wiki by creating a character named Crimson Khorne which is known as a spectral destroyer, spectral destroyers are paradox created characters, MaxForward made HATE, Crabwhale made The Emerald Emperor, Christi…

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  • Crabwhale

    So, as some of you may know, I got a daily quota of 4 episodes of Barney to watch. And it's becoming harder and harder for me to do so. However, this has no bearing on what I am about to confess.

    Anyway, I am watching through my third episode for the day, skimming through a song since they don't tend to harbor any feats, and I suddenly hear the lyrics "Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose?"

    At that moment, my mind broke. I zoomed out, this started playing in my head, and only then did I ask myself: What the fuck am I even watching?

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  • Rodri "Dante"

    }} I dunno...

    In Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure On Football Island, Beckhan is capable of destroying large rocks.

    I'm not sure of how tall is Beckham, but since he is a kid I'm going to use 1m

    Rock's Height: (1/40)*64 = 1.6m

    I'm assuming the rock is roughly cubic

    Rock's Volume: 1.6³ = 4.096m³ = 4096000cm³

    There are no remains, so pulverization

    4096000*214.35 = 877977600 joules (9-A, Small Building level+)

    Beckham destroys a rock: 877977600 joules (9-A, Small Building level+)

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  • DBZyesMLPno ABL

    Forgotten Memes

    January 2, 2019 by DBZyesMLPno ABL

    Coming Soon

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  • MaxForward

    MaxForward's Sandbox

    January 2, 2019 by MaxForward


    If only there were some users online

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  • Seol404

    Another Sandbox blog

    December 29, 2018 by Seol404

    Its clean again. yay!

    You should probably copy-paste the conversation in a blog post. You know, as a memory.


    I'm lonely again...

    Is this going to repeat over and over?.

    If you ever feel lonely just watch this gif of me dancing, that way I will always be with you.

    Yet another sandbox to fill up with random things that would probably be more efficient to have in a thread but

    Yeah, but only Admins can comment on my Sandbox.

    Also, thats a very nice gif Rodri, thanks.

    I made my Wiki, yay!

    Ok, where the hell did everyone go? there's nobody active.

    You're active. I'm kinda active.

    But Crabwhale is normally active around this time, so is the rest of the community, but now it seems like they vanished.

    Also, Hop is back, although I'm not sure if he will stay o…

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  • MaxForward

    Why Godmodes Died.

    December 29, 2018 by MaxForward

    Our story begins in January 24, 2016 when a user named Falcon decides to exaggerate the Dragon Ball character Goku out of proportion. It was upgraded on January 30th. A day later, another user named 孫悟空Son Goku孫悟空 starts editing and doesn't stop until November 6.

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  • MaxForward

    I don’t know which games are coming with it, but I want: Fortnite and Marques Brownlee Smash Ultimate, Breath of The Wild, Undertale and Mario Odyssey

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  • MLPlover2011

    Omni-Gigyas or A.K.A (Ultimate Gigyas) is the main Antigonist of Earthbound. It is a major threat to the Homeland of Ness. It is also believed to be one of the Spectral Destroyers, whose Myths and Urban Legends by the mortals feared with the power to eredicate Infinite-Dimensional Aspects, Omni-Gigyas is the one seem to be the most Terror and eldritch fear, with haunting Nightmares unlike Crimson Khorne (Warhammer40K/Non-Godmode) who is the Destroyer of Worlds and planes of Existences, HATE whos personality is all hatred and greed and The Emerald Emperor of corruption of the very eye of eldritch misana. It is one of the mysterious and Darkest Characters. It was when another HOSTLESS met the other one, the two HOSTLESS went on a downward sp…

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  • Rora Raro


    December 23, 2018 by Rora Raro

    Blog in Progress (More info required). Updates & Edits might be consistent.

    What is EFAP? EFAP stands for Every Frame A Pause, a podcast that was started on September 3rd, 2018 consisting primarily of three YouTubers MauLer, The Dishonoured Wolf (now The Word of Wolf), and Rags. Occasionally there are other YouTubers and guests are allowed like:

    • Fringy
    • The Right Opinion
    • Cynic Snacks
    • Cynical Reviews
    • CinemaSinsSins
    • Logicked

    Any many more...

    The point of EFAP is to review and discuss videos, sometimes terrible ones, such as defenses for TLJ, Infinity War, or replying to things said by other YouTubers towards MauLer, Rags, or Wolf. Such as when TRO along with QuintonReviews made a reply towards Rags's video on IHE's defense of The Last Jedi. Or Eric Ta…

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  • Rora Raro


    December 23, 2018 by Rora Raro

    A blog post explaining the titles of Com Truise's Iteration.

    Dryswch - Is Welsh for "Confusion" "Perplexity" or "Tangle"

    Ephemeron - An insect that lives only for a day or a few days. From Greek, neuter of ephēmeros "lasting only a day." It also means "anything short-lived or ephemeral". And "a data structure that solves two related problems in garbage collected systems". The insects go by Emphera (Mayflies), which is "a genus of mayfly in family Ephemeridae."

    Isostasy - Com Truise misspelled it. Could've been intentional or not. Anyway, Isostasy is "the equilibrium that exists between parts of the earth's crust, which behaves as if it consists of blocks floating on the underlying mantle, rising if the material (such as an ice cap) is removed…

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  • Ainex234

    Ainex234's amazing scp art

    December 23, 2018 by Ainex234

    Made with the incredible power of

    feel free to request what scps you want incrdible art of in the comments

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  • MaxForward

    The YouTube Rant.

    December 23, 2018 by MaxForward



    Why are you so painfully, atrociously, trying to be the most blnad, faceless, soulless, corporate corporation on Earth?

    Why do you hate free speech and individuality so much?

    Why do you want to be the biggest company ever?

    Why do you have to erase Mumkey, kill Leafy's channel and attack PewDiePie by calling him what liberal NPC's call Donald Trump using the "reliable" news outlets that you partnered with?

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  • VoidSansXD

    Void's Tiering System

    December 22, 2018 by VoidSansXD


    12-C:  -∞ dimensional

    To be infinitely weaker than someone who's infinitely weaker than someone who is infinitely weaker...(∞) than someone who is infinitely weak.  This is lower than any possible tier, and characters like "The one below all" aren't even weak enough for this tier.

    12-B:  -2 dimensional

    To be infinitely weaker than someone who's infinitely weaker than someone who's 0 dimensional.  Low 12-B is when you're -3 dimensional, -4 dimensional, etc.

    12-A:  -1 dimensional

    To be infinitely weaker than someone who's tier zero.  High 12-A is when you're -0.9 dimensional, =0.8 dimensional, etc.

    For insanely weak characters, typically those who are downplayed to oblivion. Examples include ScrewAttack's Goku and Luigi.


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  • PublicMinority87

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  • VoidSansXD

    'Fortnite cube' (Partially highballed)

    'Tier:  Low 10-C (Simple Cube), High 8-C (Can easily destroy Large buildings)  Possibly Low 2-C' (Can destroy a vending machine, when literally infinite rockets can’t.) 

    Orgin:  Fortnite

    Gender:  None

    Age:  A few Months.

    Classification:  Lightning Cube

    Powers & Abilities:  Weapon Immunity, Weapon Resistance (Can bounce back rockets), Lightning Manipulation (Casually shoots lightning when hit multiple times), Nigh-Infinite Physical Strength (Can destroy vending machines), Movement (Rolls around the map), Matter Manipulation (Can change the fabric of space), Partial-Light Manipulation  (Can change the brightness of the fortnite map), Damage-Immunity, Self-Destruction, Portal Manipulation, Possible Power-Nullification.


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  • Goosethehonker

    The Forgotten Godmodes

    December 20, 2018 by Goosethehonker

    If there is any godmodes you think that are forgotten let me know and I will add them

    • Dark Lord Himself
    • Yukari Yakumo (Yiffed)
    • The Undeniable Absolute
    • Flan-chan (Composite)
    • Yxz
    • King (Infinitely Double Downplayed)
    • Cater546WAT
    • Logan Paul
    • Jason Voorhees (Overexaggerated and Amplified)
    • A Character Specifically made to defeat every character on this wiki and all others with ease
    • TNOA
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