Bendy is a cartoon character from the game Bendy and the Ink Machine and has been on CFC since April 2017.

Due to his popularity, Bendy has been in many fights, which unfortunately contains a handful of unfair ones against characters such as Goku Black and Bill Cipher. Regardless Bendy is still powerful in his own tier with unique abilities.

Power and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B, possibly 8-C | Varies, at most Low 1-B

Name: Bendy

Origin: Cartoon Fight Club, originates from Bendy and the Ink Machine

Gender: Male

Age: Implied to be as old as the Studio he was made at which would make him 80–90 years

Classification: Ink Figure, Major Antagonist

Powers and Abilities: Ink Manipulation, Ink Minions, Frame Manipulation, Animation Tweener, Jump Scares, Heightened Senses, Inking, Skilled Decision Maker, Extremely Tactical, Can regenerate from a drop of Ink Size Manipulation, Statistics Amplification,Transformation, Duplication, and Absorption via Ink (Has been seen to get stronger, become larger, and transform into a more humanoid form via the Ink)

Attack Potency: At least Wall Level (Can bust through walls and destroy entire rooms) possibly Building Level with a maximum number of Ink | Varies, (Has fought characters from tier 7, 3, 2, and 1 with Bendy being able to trade blows with all of them), at most Low Hyperverse Level+ (Fought Bill Cipher)

Speed: Likely Supersonic (Should be faster then the players tommy gun, which can shoot a Mach 2 speeds) | Varies, at most Immeausurable

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Wall Class, possibly Building Class | Varies, at most Low Hyperverse Class+ (Harmed Bill Cipher)

Durability: At least Wall Level, possibly Building Class | Varies, at most Low Hyperverse Level+ (Took hits from Bill Cipher)

Stamina: Very High, with him not showing any sign of tiredness in his fights

Range: At least Extended Melee Range, tens of meters via a maximum amount of ink

Intelligence: Is a tricky and mischievous Manipulator that is very tactical with his decisions. He also has decades of experience

Weaknesses: Has only had experience in killing humans

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Ink Transformation: Bendy can turn into a number of things via his Ink, he can transform into a puddle to dodge attacks and get farther away from the opponent or use it to confuse the opponent into not being sure how to deal with this technique. He also can leak some of his ink out and turn it into virtually anything he wants such as a cannon, bat, and whip. Bendy can also transform into a humanoid figure, which appears to amplify his strength and make him more combat capable among other things.

Ink Minions: Bendy can summon Ink creatures from nothing and send them to attack his opponent, with the highest seen he can send out being 12.

Keys: In a Vacuum | Scaling from other characters


Notable Victories:

Sad Mouse

Mama Tattletail

Freddy Fazbear

Venom (In the Monster Free for All)


Doodlebob (Won in the rematch)

Unown (Pokemon)

Notable Losses:

Bill Cipher


Mr. Game and Watch

Goku Black

Gumball. EXE

Sonic. EXE

W.D. Gaster



Sans x2



Inconclusive Matches:

SML Mario