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Powers and Stats

Tier: Better than Goku Tier (superior to nearly all joke battles goku's), likely higher I Super Duper Strong (able to hold own against Super Saiyan 3 Exaggerated Goku) I Really Strong, possibly higher (i'm not really describing a tier, i'm describing the sticky note beez left) he was going to be stronger until someone said three years ago "nuh huh you can't be stronger than this super strong guy"

Name: bees

Origin: Dragon Ball Sooper (in your dreams irl)

Gender: no

Age: infanity

Classification: Better then all gods of destruction

Powers and Abilities: Every canon and non-canon abllity in Dragon Ball, creation on a omniversal scale, poof (makes you disappear on a conceptual level and all he has to do is snap his fingers), durability negation i guess (See Striking Strength), don't touch me (anything that touches him when he uses that ability never comes back), his love for pudding (an attack so large that it encompasses a area immensely larger than a omniverse and turns it into pudding i guess), 800 million points in charisma

Attack Potency: Pudding Level+ (Created omniverses made out of pudding and ate them) I Eats concepts and drinks Tiers every day. Never forget he had a side of Attack Potency and Speed with his pudding. (without limiter)

Speed: Super duper fast (Just enough to kill you twice)

Lifting Strength: 40 tons I do you even lift?

Striking Strength: At least Punch Class+ (Equivalent to 1,000 3-B attacking a Tier 10-C at once regardless of strength.), likely woops level I Has a real sharp flavor to it

Durability: endurant (on a physical and mental level) I Hard to eat

Stamina: ate infinity pudding in a bowl by wheez and never got tire I Takes forever to chew

Range: the range between you and pudding

Standard Equipment: stuff i guess 

Intelligence: knows about universe, eirth,  tiem, spac, what matters and realtoy

Weaknesses: he outgrew weaknesses

Key: Normal I Less Suppressed I Without Limiter

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

??? (secrt move ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Notable Victories:

All Gok

All Vegeta

Notable Losses:

wheez in fair fite (without limiter)

the greys (with limiter)

that goku guy after he turned into a white haired weirdo or something (with limiter)

Inconclusive Matches:

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