Normal Baldi

A guy with a ruler ? Seriously ?

DISCLAIMER : This profile is not made to offend Baldi's Basics fans.

One of the dumbest excuses for a video game characters ever made. He's legit trash.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Shit tier

Attack Capability: Horrible (spanks you with a ruler and nothing more)

Speed: Slower than a f*cking snail

Lifting Strength: Poor (can only lift a ruler)

Striking Strength: Poor (even Yamcha can do better)

Durability: Very fragile

Stamina: Unknown

Powers and abilities: Ruler spank and that's all

The reason the game ends after he catches you it's because the game lacks programming on what to do next (he can't glitch you).


Notable victories :

-probably some shit characters

Miles Tails Prower (Downplayed and Lowballed)

Notable loses :

-You (as long as you can hold a thing which is heavier than a ruler, then you will always win no matter what)

-most characters

Inconclusive matches :