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You don't need to know everything in something, whether it's real or fictional, to be the best, but instead use what you do know in a creative way to make up for what you lack.
~ AtomicMonkey4Life


Powers and Stats

Tier: X-?

Name: ?

Origin: ?

Gender: ?

Age: X

Classification: ?

Powers and Abilities: ?

Attack Potency: ?

Speed: ?

Lifting Strength: Class ?

Striking Strength: Class ?

Durability: ?

Stamina: ?

Range: ?

Standard Equipment: ?

Intelligence: ?

Weaknesses: ?

Notable Attacks/Techniques: ?

Key: ?


Notable Victories:

The Ultimate Colossal Quote(Sure AtoMo zoomed out to the fullest the computer could, & it took a few minutes, & originally thought the fake one was the real one, but AM4L still made it to the end)

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