a warior created as Sol's Response to Azarin, he has no idea how the dusk war, and the coming pandemonium war will solve the struggle between night and day, after all if Noctis and Sol couldn't finsh
Astor zarlophis

unrelenting pontiff of Sol

the wars then what chance do he, and his counterpart have. he has contemplated shedding his wings and dennouncing his standing as pontiff

Powers and Stats

Tier: God caliber 6,400

Name: Astor Zarlophis

Origin: Holy pits of the Dawn Armada

Gender: Male

Age:  5 x 10^900

Classification: Pontiff, and Grand Leader of the Dawn Armada

Powers and Abilities: Sunlight empowerment (Reinforces his spear with the light of Sol), Cleansing

Attack Potency: Broke a midnight heart in a single strike, and the shockwave flattened innumerable dimensional plains

Speed: flew from the back of the dawn armada to the front in less than 1 planck time

Joke Battles Wikia:Lifting Strength Scale: Supported the entirty of the infernal machine on his back

Striking Strength: Cracked the armor of the damned after several attacks

Durability: Survived several onslaughts from Azarin

Stamina: Created so that he would never tire


Standard Equipment: The Holy Lance, Armor of Sanctified Wrath

Intelligence:  Posses an I.Q. of 13,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Weaknesses: The liquid Midnight completely nullifies his powers, no daylight soul

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses: Noctis

The Lord Overborn

Inconclusive Matches:


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