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The most Powerful Pokémon in all of Existence. He can stare at you and you're already freaking DEAD! This guy is so powerful, he made Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann sh*t himself! This f*cking God of all things solos EVERYONE! He doesn't play by the freaking rules, he breaks physics so damn bad, it'll make Albert Einstein cry himself to sleep! Oh you're going to challenge him to a fight? Oh please! You're not even worthy to glance at Arceus's Beautiful F*cking Face! If you even think about fighting Arceus, he'll know, and that's when you DIE! It would be best not to F*ck with this thing, he even introduced Mr.Popo to a new Pecking Order! He made Superman his b*tch! He even rewrote the entire VS Wiki and Joke Battles Wiki IN HIS IMAGE! The only reason he would consider being caught by some Poké Ball (yes he ALLOWS himself to be caught, but only if you're worthy of his divine holiness, otherwise Poké Balls, Master Balls, etc is ineffective) is to join the trainer worthy of using him. He knows which trainer is worthy to use him, but he's waiting for that trainer to approach him. Arceus is an unstoppable God who can't lose.


Powers and Abilities

Tier: Far beyond the concept of a freaking TIER! But if we really had to place him in one, it'll be called THE TIER TO END ALL PATHETIC TIERS!

Name: Arceus Your Lord, Savior, King, and GOD!

Origin: He just emerged one day when there was nothing, and created EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER EXISTED!

Classification: 'Arceus is Beyond Love, Arceus is Beyond Life, Arceus Solos Your Verse, Arceus Bodies Your Hopes and Dreams, Arceus is a TRUE GOD!

Powers and Abilities: Whatever the hell he wants to do, he DOES IT (Examples include Hadouken, Kamehameha, Rasengan, Judgement, Bankai, Omni-Slash, Literally EVERYTHING).

Attack Potency: Stares at you and you're INSTANTLY DEAD! If you had to name his Attack Potency, it'd be called Super Ultra Mega Dominant Insane Infinite Hyper Supreme Godly Nothing Will Be Left After He Attacks Because He's Stronger Than Everything and he Solos Your Verse Omni Potence. He can destroy an Infinite Number of Omni-Verses just by standing there if he so wanted.

Striking Strength: HE DOESN'T NEED TO STRIKE YOU TO KILL YOU, but if for whatever reason he does strike you, it's this strong: Super Ultra Mega Dominant Insane Infinite Hyper Supreme Godly Nothing Will Be Left After He Attacks Because He's Stronger Than Everything and he Solos Your Verse Omni Potence.

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant, the guy can lift an Infinite amount of Omniverses just by STANDING THERE if he really wanted to!

Durability: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN HARM HIM! Oh? You really want to name his Durability that bad? Fine, Arceus allows it. It's called Super Ultra Mega Dominant Insane Infinite Hyper Supreme Godly Even Laying a Finger on Him Can Kill You if He Decides He Doesn't Like You and Nothing Can Harm him Anyways Omni Potence

Speed: Whatever the hell he wants his speed to be! The guy is Infinitely Times Faster than Omnipresence!

Standard Equipment: He has 18 plates, he uses them to look cool

Stamina: True Infinite. He can fight (not that he would ever need to, he stares at his opponents and they're DEAD) for an Infinite Number of Days

Intelligence: Infinitely Times Smarter than Omniscience, he even planned around LordAizenSama who plans out Everything

Range: Infinitely Times More Range than Omniversal Range

Weaknesses: When absolutely nothing can harm you, you can't have Weaknesses.


Notable Wins:



Pokémon Verse

Dragon Ball Verse

Bruce Lee

Chuck Norris

The Avengers

The X-Men


Segata Sanshiro

The Nintendo Verse itself

All of Marvel itself

All of DC itself


All of Anime itself


Farm Ville Verse

The VS Wiki

The Joke Battles Wiki





Every Exaggerated Character

Every Wanked Character

Every Downplayed Character

Donald Trump






Pokémon Trainer Jacob's Sanity

Every Pokémon ROM Hack

The Video Game Verse as a whole

Cartoon Fight Club

Your Waifu


Morgan Freeman

Shia LaBeouf


Everyone Who Was, Is, Or Will Be In WWE (includes John Cena)

Spongebob Verse

Star Wars Verse

Harry Potter Verse

Everything that has existed

Everything that does exist

Everything that will exist

Everything that doesn't exist

Notable Losses:


Inconclusive Matches: He always wins

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