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The AnimationRewind-Verse is a verse featuring characters from AR's web videos, like Cartoon Fight Club, Salt Assault, and his original animations. (Some of which are really deranged....)

Cartoon Fight Club

Cartoon Fight Club

Cartoon Fight Club is a VS battle style show made by YouTube channel Animation Rewind. Their show style has varied rules related to prep time, opportunities for rematches, and a rather unique cartoon esque style in some of their battles. Much like every other VS show, things can get controversial.

Salt Assault

Salt Assault

Salt Assault is basically as it says. Nothing but salt, salt, cringe, and salt. Expect to see beloved characters get their asses kicked and extremely volatile YouTube comments by the dozen.

Power of the Verse

Varies based on the characters involved. Lots of scaling involved due to Salt Assault and Cartoon Fight Club to a lesser extent.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse


  • Professor Voodoo
  • CFC Fans
  • TeenGohanFighter
  • I Hate Everything (He has been in multiple Episodes and AnimationRewind videos, they are good friends).
  • Anonimo77 (Better than Death Battle)
  • Hyper Anon(Kill me for saying this, but it's entertaining)
  • Anthuny Stallings (Animation Rewind's Number #1 Fan)
  • Volcatharsis
  • Tabbender


  • GTgokussj4(You can't see me BTW)
  • The Invincible Iron Man (He honestly doesn't care.)
  • Timefreezer4 (Respects the creator and finds some episodes hilarious, but too much of the show is just cringe)
  • Theultimatelifeform (Finds enjoyment out of some of the episodes,but doesn't really care about anything else)
  • IAmTheBreadMan32 (Likes the memes, hates everything else.)
  • Darkmon cns
  • Pichu4Smash5!
  • Serpent of the Internet 97 (It's okay)


  • SoyHop (Cause he's an asshole)
  • MeleeMaster428 (Finds the animation cringeworthy and dislikes dank memes even more now)
  • ArbitraryNumbers
  • Derpurple (FUCKING CANCER)
  • TurboTriangle601 (The same reason as MeleeMaster428 as he doesn't really like the animations and thinks it just wastes good talent.)
  • Ataberksins
  • PlozAlcachaz (The guy literally screwed me over and basically told me that my work is in vain, so I stand against anything CFC related)
  • ZeedMillenniummon89 (It's fucking shit)
  • Yellowpig10 (i used to like them but then i realized that they are just as bad if not worse then deathbattle)
  • Sans2345 (I used to like him but now i noticed he just fills his videos with stupid nonsense antimationrewind is a cancer)
  • MaxForward (I think Rewind has been on a downward spiral mentally and now he's lost it completely.)

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