Leader of the Old ones

Ainsley harriott exe -h3h3productions-

Ainsley harriott exe -h3h3productions-

Ainsley Harriot undergoing memetic ascension


Originating from master chef, the TV show, Ainsley discovered through timeless hours of cooking and rubbing that there was more to life then just cooking...he ascended to memehood and became leader of all memes, old and new. He will rub you...he will oil you up..his name is Ainsley Harriot.

Powers and Oils

Tier: at least Good old rub+ possibly Jerk the Chicken Likely Memetic

Name: Ainsley "The Chef" Harriot

Origin: Celebrity cook

Gender: Presumably Male

Age: 62

Classification: Oil rubber

Powers and Abilities: Face manipulation, body manipulation, Oil manipulation, transformation (Can insert himself into another being), Meme manipulation, Chicken Jerker, Oil rubber expert, Fire manipulation, immortality (type 8).

Attack Potency: "Now for the interesting part, let your fingers get in there and have a good old rub a dub"level+

Speed: ∞ (Has instantaneous movements based on his Oil levels)

Lifting Strength: Jerk's a chicken at FTL speeds 

Striking Strength: "mmm yeah...that's it, good ol' rub"

Durability: Spicy Chicken+ (Intangibility and Regen make him hard to kill)

Stamina: Anime verse

Range: Your soul

Standard Equipment: Oil bottles from memetic realm, Wooden spoon of the C'tan, Spicy chicken,

Intelligence: has eon's on cooking experience,

Weaknesses: Gordon Ramsay.

Notable recipes and techniques


Spicy being used against the anime verse

"(Slurp, slurp) Spicy!" Harriot incinerates the omniverse with his jerked spicy chicken

"Give your meat, a Good old rub" Ainsley Harrito rubs the Complex multiverse's with his hands and causing destrucion in his wake by using the powers of selzar

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Pre-memetic Oil

Oil spill Ainsley spills Oil/pours Oil on his opp tent which traps them in a pocket dimension.

Notable Victories:

Superman(Screwattack) (Rubbed the infinity out of him)

HST (Spicy)

Jamie Oliver (This was spite)

Ready steady cook

Notable loses:

Gordon Ramsay (Oil did not impress him enough

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