Powers and Stats

Tier: At most 10-C, likely lower

Name: Aege Recolors

Origin: Fred the Movie

Age: Unknown

Gender: Psygender Cockfucks

Classification: Skanks

Powers and Abilities: Being trashy recolors because that's pretty much the only ability they'll ever have.

Attack Potency: Garbage (None of them could even land a single hit on Aege.)

Speed: Sub-Human (Slower than Aege by like, a lot)

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human (In this case, AP = Lifting Strength. Therefore, their lifting strength is trash.)

Striking Strength: They can't punch for shit.

Durability: Sub-Human (All of them got oneshot by Aege from how pathetic they are.)

Stamina: They get tired after 7 seconds of fighting.

Range: Sub-Human

Standard Equipment: Trash

Intelligence: Usually range from negatives to the lowest positives.

Weaknesses: Everything Aege throws at them


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses: Aege all the time