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Powers and Sterts

Tier: Brilliant+ with Prep Tiem (Makes sosuke aizen's planning, every single batman combined's prep time and every other character's plans and prep time look like a baby learning how to walk but is basically the wall and teh docturr put into a blender)

Equipment: Infinity Gauntlet (Used to solo fiction), Kryptonite Pea Shooter (Used to defeat superman), Bare Hands (Can snap your neck. Bypasses all durabillty, hax and beyond the concept of whatever crap), Bad OP OC Fanfiction Powers (Used to solo joke battles wiki with beyond infinitely infinitely x infinitely unable to comprehend and understand beyond tiers+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++infinity crap), Unfunny Memes (Used to solo the MLG Verse), Cahpyright (Solos youtube poops by deleting them. Prep Tiem Batman is part of viacom), Sledgehammer (Used to Solo RWBY), Demonbane Summoning Conch Shell (Used to solo undertale), BFG-10,000 (Used to solo all shooter game verses), Triple Golden Hadokamaha X 100 (Used to solo fighting game verses), A clone of flithy frank's phd (Used to solo wanks and exaggerations), Pet Robot Dinosaur (Used to solo filntstones), Nukes (Used to solo real life), Fourth Wall Awareness (Used to solo you),  Glitcheeses and Exploits (Used to solo old games but that's basically broken manipulation), Pepsi-Cola (Used to solo the drinks verse), False Information (Used to solo wikipedia in general), Lumberjack Axe (Cut the tree of life in half, Used to solo the pokemon verse), Megaphones (Used to solo headphones), The Liar Paradox (Used to solo dumb characters), Anything he needs to solo all verses, The Batusi (Used to solo mettaton, hatsune miku and every single just dance and dance dance revolution player), Lasar Narf Gun (Used to solo DBS), Nametag that has the name "Shazam" (Used to solo captain marvel), High quality campfire stories (Used to solo crappypasta), Beat-Up and then become a lawyer (Used to solo crime), Zeroth Punch (Used to solo OBM), 1,000 Tons (Used to solo goku), Doctors with Needles (Again used to solo goku), Manipulating time while time is already frozen (Used to solo time users), Brilliantly OP Bullet Hell Patterns (Used to solo all of touhou), Thread Derailing (Used to solo serious threads), "Funposting" (Used to solo black comedy), GIGA Giga Drill (Used to solo sttgl), Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Blue Devil SSJ Ultimate Kaioken X 18,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Used to solo all of dragon ball, Canon or not canon including dragon ball fanfictions/oc's)

Powers and Abllities: All the powers and abllities

Age: 21

Origin: 19650's Batmahn

Classification: Bat-God before it was cool

Attack Potency: Anti-Matter Level (Can reduce oppoments to anti-mattrer, Bypasses all durabillty and negation)

Speed: Unlike barry the crap, Survived being reduced to nothingness and reduced anti-monitor to anti-matter (somehow)

Lifting Strength: no merscles, no brian

Striking Strength: Strieks your heart from reading this page

Durabillty: Slapped himself and survived turning himself into anti-mattar

Stamina: Bruh.

Range: Haven't you heard? His batrang is so cool it's the most perfect ranged weapon evar)

Intelligence: Look at the tier (Again makes sosuke aizen's planning and all other batmans's prep tiems look like a baby learning how to walk. So intelligence)

Weaknesses: you

Notable Attacks/Techinqueas:


Notable Victories:

The Internet (19650's batman was prepared for the battle so he punched the internet before it would delete him destroying vs battles wiki, joke battles wiki, weegeepedia, know your memes, youtube, etc killing millions of innocent memes but that's basically the reason why your internet connection gets shut down, Bertmahn keeps destroying the internet)

Notable Losses:

Adam West Batman (exaggerated) (The profile is coming soon......)

Stale Food Mates

Theme Song

Batmahn's prep time theme-0

Batmahn's prep time theme-0