In the future, Microsoft is out of creativity so they just made it look like a xbox 360 recolor


It was the downfall of consoles, 20XX. Microsoft were running out of ideas. Months later, September 15 20XX, Bill gates had an idea before dying of old age, A new console. He said and passed away as a last resort...

Powers and Stats:

Tier: 0 by Console Standards (Seems to be the all-powerful (omnipotent) gaming system because they used infinitely better technology then the ones we have today and there will never be better technology then the omnipotent gaming system even in 30XX and it was so powerful it can transcend into higher dimensions to let higher dimensional players play it if they want)

Name: XBOX-V

Origin: Microsoft

Gender: Xboxgender

Age: Seems to be 100 years old by the time the events of mega man x happened

Classification: The Perfect Console

Powers and Abllities: Seems to shoot laser beams and turn itself box-shaped

Attack Potency: If it was thrown at someone, It would survive but the futureness of the console would hurt someone hard enough

Speed: Well. Flying?

Lifting Strength: Able to suplex itself and dropkick itself which can defy logic

Striking Strength: The futureness would hurt so hard someone would have to go to the hospital regardless of strange, Bypasses all durabillty

Durabillty: Tanked hammers, campfires, boulders, nukes, missiles, falling buildings and the earth exploding in a post apocalyptic future (Large Planet Level Durabillty)

Stamina*Sigh* INFINITE.

Range: Unknown but you can throw it.


Intelligence: Seems to be a very intelligent SUPER-COMPUTER 1,000

Weaknesses: Irrelevent.


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Glorious PC Master Race

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