The Supreme master of StarWeed Crusader

Powers and Stats

Tier : Tier 1: Extradimensional - 0: "True Infinity"

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Name : AK Ihsan Khan

Origin: Tata's Bizzare Adventure

Gender : Male

Age: 15000+

Classification: Human Stand User

Powers and Abilities: Regeneration Negation, Supernatural Condition, Type 1 Immortality, Music Manipulation, Area Manipulation, Ability to detect and hit multiple vital parts of the body, even if the opponent doesn't have vital parts, Powers and Stats Manipulation, Weapon Mastery,Durability Negation, Absolute Hax Negation, Limited Attack Negation, Heavy Conceptual Resistance

Attack Potency: Omnipotent

Speed : Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Level I Unscalable, immensely higher with Theme Song I NONE

Durability: Unbreakable, gets higher with Theme Song I NONE

Stamina: NONE, gets higher with Theme Song

Range: Anywhere+

Standard Equipment: His Clothes, His Stand

Intelligence: Immensely High (Knew every single thing inside fiction, and also knows how to turn his weaknesses into advantages)

Weaknesses: Stopping Time would need him to rest for Five Minutes after moving time again due to the strain on his heart, and his movements get slightly slower in stopped time despite being able to move, negating attacks actually just reduces 80% of the damage to his body,he can only restore or buff himself twice.

Keys: Khan Powa!!!

Notable Attacks/Techniques: I love my parents