3 Eyed Blue Luigi


Somehow, Somewhere a 3 Eyed Blue Luigi just Got There, I Don't Know if the Creators of the Show Were Lazy or They Just Done it just For Laughs....The World May Never Know

Powers and Stats

Tier: Just for Laughs Tier

Name: 3 Eyed Blue Luigi

Origin: The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: It's...a Thing

Powers and Abilities: Having Three Eyes and can Use a Tail from his Raccoon Suit

Attack Potency: Probably Spins his Tail to Defeat his Opponents

Speed: Fast

Lifting Strength: Kind of Strong

Striking Strength: Can Strike his Opponent...Stealth Style

Durability: Nobody Knows

Stamina: 100%

Range: Go Far Off the Distance

Standard Equipment: Raccoon Suit

Intelligence: Kind of Smart But not Really

Weaknesses: Losing his Raccoon Suit

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